If you have suffered a workplace injury in Raleigh, a workplace injury attorney in Raleigh can help guide you through the process of pursuing justice. When you head out to work and take all the proper safety precautions on your job, construction site, or other workplace, and still end up suffering an injury-causing accident, you may wonder:

  • What is the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim?
  • Should I file a claim?
  • Or even: Why was my workers’ compensation claim denied?
  • Do I need a Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that I receive the care and treatments that my doctor has advised?

It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all its employees. They are also required by North Carolina state law to have insurance to be able to provide workers’ compensation, if they have more than three employees. Raleigh area workers suffer many different workplace injuries. One example is overexertion injuries. If your job requires heavy lifting, there is a danger of being hurt. Without the proper training and equipment, you may overexert your muscles leading to many back, neck, and shoulder injuries. These are costly injuries that can require physical therapy or chiropractic care.

Repetitive motion injuries are workplace injuries in which an employee is performing the same action over and over again, causing muscle strain and tears. This can be a painful injury, disable your hands and causing you to be unable to do your job. Another common injury at work is objects falling on employees from high shelves. This can be quite serious, causing head injuries. Slipping and falling on wet floors or debris is another cause of workplace injuries in Raleigh. Slip and fall accidents can result in broken bones, sprains, concussions, or back injuries.

If you have been injured or disabled while on the job in Raleigh, the most crucial first step you can take is reporting the incident to your supervisor. Reporting your Raleigh workplace injury is not the same as filing a workers’ compensation claim, but it is necessary if you ever need to file a workers’ compensation claim in the future. You should tell them in writing, and also orally face-to face, to be cautious and have a record that you have conveyed the facts of your workplace injury. If you have not reported the injury to your supervisor promptly, you may jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim.

After reporting your workplace injury, you will need to ask your employer for a list of approved workers’ compensation healthcare providers. It is important to select your doctor from this list. You then need to ask your employer for the paperwork to make a workers’ compensation claim in Raleigh. At this point you need to ask yourself if you may need a Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that your rights are protected, including access to medical care, temporary disability compensation and obtaining a fair settlement as timely as possible. Rejected workers’ compensation claims may also benefit from the counsel of a knowledgeable Raleigh attorney, familiar with workplace injuries. Safety is important, but after your workplace injury has occurred, all you can do is move forward and try to recover what has been lost. That is where your lawyer comes in, to aid you in seeking justice in your case.

The state of North Carolina is governed by a statute of limitations which limits the amount of time you have in which to pursue a claim, or you may lose the right to seek compensation forever.

If you have been the victim of injury at work, a slip and fall accident, or car accident which has caused an injury a premises liability and injury attorney like Mr. Kassor can assist you in pursuing a claim before you are no longer able to seek the compensation you and your family may deserve.