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Deadliest Raleigh Crashes: Truck Accident Injuries And Deaths

Have you or a loved one been injured or killed in a Raleigh or North Carolina trucking accident? Get compassionate and effective legal representation to claim personal injury or wrongful death compensation with trucking accident injury lawyer Eric Kassor.

Truck accidents happen nearly every day across North Carolina, and Raleigh’s busy roads and highways are no exception. In the best of circumstances, they leave only the city's roads paralyzed. In the worst, they leave individuals crippled and families shattered.

Trucking accidents are four times more likely to cause deaths compared to ordinary passenger vehicle crashes, and the injuries they cause tend to be more serious, longer-lasting, and more expensive. Raleigh personal injury lawyer Eric Kassor is all too familiar with the suffering of trucking accident victims, as he has helped hundreds through the aftermath and recovery process.

With his help over nearly three decades of service, injured victims or the families of deceased drivers and passengers have been able to recover significant financial compensation for their injuries or losses.

Why Are Raleigh Trucking Accidents So Much Deadlier?

While accidents involving big semi-trucks and commercial vehicles are blessedly less common than crashes among cars and other passenger vehicles, they tend to be far deadlier. This is due to simple, devastating physics.

With so much more size and weight in large loads, the bigger the truck, the harder it hits. This difference is then magnified at larger speeds, where cars and even smaller trucks stand little chance whether they hit the truck or the truck hits them.

These forces are then transferred to the driver or passengers of the lighter vehicle, leading to a greater likelihood of death or serious injuries that can tear apart a family and cripple someone physically and financially for years.

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Truck Accident Lawyer, Raleigh, NC

Since 1995, Raleigh lawyer Eric Kassor has made it his mission to help accident victims and their loved ones through the trauma and aftermath of devastating trucking crashes. From his first visit with them, often in hospital beds, he works with them to help them understand their injuries and treatment or compensation options.

While ordinary Raleigh citizens are unlikely to be able to afford the expensive treatments and care needed after such horrific accidents, the trucking companies responsible are. Eric Kassor’s job is to make them pay, not just for the medical bills but also for the emotional harm, lost wages, and other costs, even those associated with the death of a loved one.

Lawyer Helps Raleigh Injured Recover Financial Compensation After Trucking Accidents

From broken bones to horrible burns and spinal cord injuries causing paralysis, the horrible injuries of trucking accident survivors all have one thing in common: expensive medical care is required, and recovery is slow. Recovery, during which trucking accident victims are frequently unable to work, sometimes sending their families spiraling into debt or deeper into poverty.

Fortunately, the personal injury system exists for just such circumstances, allowing the injured victims of trucking accidents to claim compensation for all these losses and costs from the person or people responsible. This financial compensation can go a long way towards covering those costs and paying for the treatments victims need to recover.

Lawyers like Raleigh’s Eric Kassor specialize in helping injured accident victims recover this money from reluctant insurance companies, evasive trucking companies, and any other party that might be responsible.

Families Of Raleigh Trucking Accident Victims Get Justice With Attorney’s Help

Truck Accident Lawyer, Raleigh, NC

While personal injury claims and financial compensation can go a long way toward helping trucking accident survivors recover, they cannot bring back the dead. And all too often, trucking accidents in Raleigh leave one or more families shattered by a family member stolen before their time.

These families are victims just as much as their dead loved ones, and lawyers like Eric Kassor can help them obtain justice. By bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company, driver, contractor, or even the state, families of trucking accident victims can get financial compensation for their emotional and monetary losses.

These lawsuits may not be able to bring back the dead, but they can help ensure that their legacy and family are upheld and cared for.

Do Not Wait To Contact A Raleigh Lawyer After A Deadly Or Devastating Trucking Accident

Eric Kassor, helping Raleigh victims and survivors of North Carolina trucking accidents for nearly 30 years.

The financial compensation you deserve and need after a trucking accident is not easy to obtain, however. Insurance companies will drag their feet, attempt to deny coverage after an expensive trucking accident, or try and shift blame to you, the victim.

The sooner you contact an experienced attorney like Eric Kassor, the better your chances of recovering full, fair, and just compensation after a trucking accident.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one to a trucking accident in Raleigh, call personal injury and wrongful death attorney Eric Kassor as soon as you can at (919) 999-4462 or book a free consultation online.

Do not let trucking companies get by unscathed for the harm they have caused you and your family.

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