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How Important Is It To My Wake County Accident Case That Medical Attention Was Sought Immediately Following My Car Wreck?

It’s essential. It would always be best if you established, with substantial evidence, that the source of your injury was indeed the accident in question. Thus, if you do not seek medical attention right away, you won’t have an independent record to use as evidence for this purpose. Common car accidents are broken bones or whiplash injuries (commonly called hyperextension). X-rays are beneficial for proving an injury because they are objective sources that cannot be contested in court. It’s one thing if you say your neck hurts, but when the pain source can be clearly spotted on an x-ray, there is no room for doubt. A care provider can also objectively verify muscle spasms.Someone who waited 5-6 weeks after a car accident to go to a doctor isn’t going to be taken as seriously as someone who sought immediate care and followed up. With no record to show how you were injured, insurance companies know that you could have fallen on the kitchen floor and are now trying to claim otherwise. If your medical treatment is fully documented and backed by records, it becomes very challenging for the insurance company to claim your physical issues are not related to the accident. Therefore, it is paramount to prioritize seeking medical attention.

Once I Hire A Raleigh Personal Injury Attorney For My Car Accident Case, What Information Is Critical To Share With You?

One of the first steps you should take after being in an accident is to call the police. The participation of law enforcement is necessary for an objective investigation of the accident to occur. The police will evaluate the scene, talk to the parties involved, document the position of the cars, and listen to what the parties involved are saying about the accident. You should communicate as much information you have about the other driver to the police department. The officer will complete an accident exchange form.

Usually, after an accident, the parties involved are most concerned about the well-being of everyone involved. In favor of making sure everyone is okay, most people are very honest about the event’s details. However, people are more likely to be honest with the police officer right at the accident scene than perhaps, a month later. Most often, this is due to new information surfacing when the other drivers’ insurance company tells us their client now has a contradicting story. The other drivers’ insurance company may even be looking for a reason to blame you.

Thus, getting an accident report will show each person’s original perspective about how the wreck happened. The accident report will show where the vehicles were, who had the red light and the green light, and more. The police can also interview any witnesses involved afterward, and their interview will be fully documented.

Suppose there’s any violation of the traffic laws. In that case, the police can write a ticket to the traffic law offender. A documented traffic violation can also help solidify an accident report, which is imperative due to the contributory negligence laws followed by the Wake County courts. To successfully obtain maximum compensation in North Carolina, you must show that the accident was 100% the other driver’s fault.

North Carolina’s contributory negligence laws state that if your case goes to trial and you are even 1% at fault for how the accident happened, the jury will aim to find an assertion against you. If this happens, you’re going to recover nothing from your claims. Accordingly, you must prove that you were not at fault in any way. That’s why getting the police on the scene to investigate and being as open as possible are the best responses you can have to a car accident.

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