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Raleigh Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability is a social security benefit of a program that you pay into as an employee. It is intended to protect you in case an accident should ever befall you while at work or while performing work-related functions. If you’ve contributed and done everything you were supposed to do, but you were injured on the job, you have earned the right to pursue social security disability benefits. The best possible decision you can make to protect your rights is to find a local Raleigh Social Security and Disability attorney. Having a Social Security Disability attorney will help you in multiple ways. If your social security and disability claim has already been denied, an experienced lawyer is your advocate, speaking on your behalf and assisting you with the legal process.

If I have a legitimate injury, can they really deny my claim?

Maybe you have already tried to make a social security claim and have been denied benefits. Maybe you fear losing other benefits in conjunction with gaining social security disability and the law is unclear to you. This is when a social security disability lawyer can advise and assist you so that you and your family will not have to go without. If a decision has already been made and your claim was denied, you may have an opportunity to seek the disability benefits you require with the aid of an experienced Raleigh attorney.

What can I do when my social security claim has been denied?

If you have already filed the initial application or social security disability benefits and it’s been denied, you only have 60 days in which to file an appeal, called the reconsideration. This can be a frustrating process to navigate alone. With the aid of a social security disability lawyer, you will have an advantage. They will ensure that you make the deadlines, dot all your i’s and cross your t’s so that you get or keep the benefits that you count on. If you have already made your request for reconsideration and your claim was denied, you have another 60 day time period in which to file a request for an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing. At this point, it is critical to secure the help of a social security disability attorney.

What should I do when they want me to sign the papers before speaking with a social security disability lawyer?

Be very cautious when you are presented with an initial offer to sign. You have been injured and you’re not certain how that injury will continue to impact you and your family in the future. You need to consider how the injury will affect your future earning potential, and what future medical costs could be. If your injury was severe, it could preclude you ever getting work in your field again, and the security of your family is at risk. Employers and insurance companies will try to get you to sign away your rights, making it impossible for you to seek the social security disability benefits that you’re entitled to. Speak with a Raleigh attorney before signing anything.

Why should I choose a local Raleigh social security disability lawyer?

Eric Kassor is a Raleigh attorney who has been practicing law for over thirty years. He has been practicing law in Raleigh since 1995, so he knows all the ins and out of North Carolina state law and how it relates to injury claims and Social Security Disability benefits. One of the benefits of working with a small local firm is that we are dedicated to your case and we will fight to get you the benefits you deserve. You will get one-on-one attention and your initial consultation is free.

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