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Raleigh RV Accident AttorneyMany people retire and choose to purchase an RV (recreational vehicle) to enjoy their retirement. As people choose to go camping and enjoy RVs more and more, the risk of RV accidents increases. Drunk driving accidents, careless drivers and others driving RVs may recklessly endanger the lives of other drivers. A special operator’s license is usually not required in order to drive a motorhome, despite their massive size and poor maneuverability.

Motorhome describes a class of RV that is the largest of all RVs and ranked by class. Ranging from 29 to 45 feet long, they can also be as tall as a truck at more than 13 feet high. This construction can make for hazardous circumstances on the highway or narrow country roads. Because of their size, RVs can be prone to tipping, or rolling over. They also may roll over as a consequence of taking curves or turns at unsafe speeds. RV accidents may also occur when unskilled drivers, unused to operating an RV, make poor decisions calculating where to turn. This could damage property or other vehicles on the road.

RV travel trailers or fifth wheel trailers (non-motorized RVs) pulled behind trucks are in danger of a having a runaway trailer, especially through high altitudes such as mountain roads around Asheville. Steep roads or a combination of a steep incline and high speeds can lead to the trailer or camper becoming detached from the truck and speeding without being able to stop. When this happens, any driver in the path of the trailer may be likely to have an accident. If proper precautions are not taken, poorly maintained tires, manufacturing defects, sudden stops without enough stopping room or unsafe speeds can also cause RV accidents.

An unfortunate situation that happens far too often is an inexperienced driver of a camper van or RV causing an accident with smaller cars on the road. Often these RV accidents can lead to a multiple car pile-ups. Due to the fact that these RVs are oversized vehicles, smaller cars have a huge disadvantage against them in a head on collision or almost any RV accident. A high rate of RV accidents may be caused by inattentive drivers. If there is a car in their blind spot as they are switching lanes, it may even lead to fatal accidents. It is up to the driver of the RV to ensure that they are driving cautiously and safely to prevent accidents like those.

A Raleigh RV accident attorney may be able to help you with many different types of recreational vehicle (RV) accidents. You might be suffering with unpaid medical bills, looming hospital or ambulance charges, and damaged property. It could even be that you’re unable to perform your job as a result of the RV accident. You may be entitled to more than insurance companies have offered you. It is critical to first and foremost seek medical attention for any injuries you’ve sustained after a serious RV accident. You should also call the police and attempt to document the accident by taking pictures of the RV and car, and any injuries. After you’ve been treated for injuries, you should contact a Raleigh RV accident attorney, who can assist you in taking the next steps to ensure that your rights are protected.

It is important to note that North Carolina does have a statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim. This means you have limited time in which to pursue a claim. If you wait too long, you will also make building your case more difficult. A free initial consultation to discuss your case can be arranged free of charge. Contact Eric Kassor, to discuss your RV accident case and he can begin working right away to protect your rights.

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