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At the Law Offices of Eric H. Kassor, located in Raleigh, we know personal injury cases.  We have worked with personal injury claims for over 20 years and are experienced in a number of different legal services.  If you are a resident of Raleigh and you need legal counsel in any of the following circumstances, we can help you determine if you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing and if you might be entitled to compensation after suffering a personal injury.  We provide legal representation for clients who have been involved in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, as well as bicycle and pedestrian accidents.  We have worked with clients to pursue a workers’ compensation claims, and others who have been involved in construction accidents, or other workplace injuries.

Car Accident Injury Claims Raleigh

Car accidents happen far more often than they should, often due to the negligence of others.  Sometimes the other driver has failed to stop at a red light or stop sign, and you have sustained injury to person and property.  As more people settle in Raleigh, traffic increases, and car accidents will increase as well.  It is one of the most common legal services that we provide, and our Raleigh-based team has successfully negotiated many claims on behalf of the victims.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims Raleigh

Motorcycle drivers have the same right to drive and enjoy the road safely that any other car or truck has.  Motorcycle accidents can sometimes be a matter of life and death, and cause debilitating lifelong injuries.  If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and have suffered an injury, you need a personal injury attorney to fight for your rights and protect your best interests.

Nursing Home Neglect Raleigh

Getting older and watching your parents’ age is a fact of life.  It sometimes becomes necessary for you to rely on the care of a nursing home facility.  You hope for a level of professionalism and a high level of care. Unfortunately the very people you rely on are sometimes incompetent and neglectful. Nursing home neglect happens when people think they can get away with not doing their job.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Raleigh

After having been the victim of an accident and suffered an injury, you may benefit from consulting a personal injury attorney.  If you believe a family member or loved one lost his or her life as a direct result of the negligence of medical care, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, traumatic car accident, you may be entitled to compensation.  To have professional legal representation while pursuing a wrongful death claim is important.  It is difficult to think clearly in times of such personal loss, which is why legal representation is a wise idea to protect your interests against insurance company adjusters whose only concern is the bottom line.

Truck Accident Claims Raleigh

Truck drivers spend long days and nights driving their routes, sometimes falling asleep behind the wheel leading to them swerving into a lane or even oncoming traffic, causing head-on collisions.  Head-on collisions result in the worst truck accidents, and can cause life altering injuries.  Following a truck accident, lawyers for the large trucking companies come in quickly to force you to settle for less than you may deserve, making it critical to hire an experienced attorney to make your case for you.

Bicycle Accidents Raleigh

You may have enjoyed riding a bicycle in your leisure time, and you’ve always been cautious to ensure your safety.  Then the unexpected happens and you’re involved in a bicycle accident.  If you have been involved in a collision with a car, truck, or other type of motor vehicle has left you injured, you may need the legal services of a Raleigh personal injury attorney.

Pedestrian Accident Raleigh

If you’ve been involved in an injury-causing accident in Raleigh while crossing the street, you may have already received medical care.  But have you considered future medical costs resulting from your pedestrian accident and the lost time at work?  The insurance company of the driver may offer you a low amount to settle your claim, and it may not cover all the costs.  You may want to seek legal counsel for your pedestrian accident case as soon as possible so that we may begin investigation of your claim.

Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Cases Raleigh

Premises liability simply means that you have been a victim of the negligence of a property owner, who has failed to ensure the safety of visitors or customers.  When there is dangerous exposed wiring, slippery surfaces, or other hazardous conditions, this may lead to a slip and fall case or a premises liability claim.  We can discuss the specifics of your case and determine if you may have a solid claim.

Job Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims Raleigh

You work hard at your job, and you depend on your employer to ensure that you have a safe working environment.  If your employer fails to do so, they may be at fault for your job injury or construction injury.  Faulty equipment or ladders could be to blame.  Malfunctioning tools could also result in a construction accident.  Factory workers in Raleigh may also be at an increased risk of injury, due to machinery accidents.  Machinery accidents can cause disfiguring injury to hands, arms, or other limbs. For those workers in office jobs, employees may suffer a personal injury in a car accident while performing work related duties, and these injuries could lead to a workers’ compensation claim.  Heavy lifting or falling objects in a variety of jobs could cause job injury.  If you were relying on workers’ compensation after an accident or work injury, you may be wondering what to do after workers’ compensation denied your claim.  Eric H. Kassor will work with you to resolve whether or not if you have a valid work injury case or if you should be pursuing a denied workers’ compensation claim.  It is critical to start the process right away to begin an investigation into your specific case.  A Raleigh personal injury attorney will attempt to provide evidence in court of the faulty machinery or hazardous working conditions of your job site if they played a role in your on the job accident.  You may be owed compensation for you and your family that could protect your future.

Contributory Negligence Raleigh

Perhaps you’ve been told you were partially to blame for a car accident, which was really the fault of the other driver.  If you think you don’t have a case, you could be wrong.  Oftentimes, the more important factor is who was at fault, and a good personal injury lawyer can help you decide if your case is worth pursuing.  If you are unsure whether contributory negligence played a part in your case, you should set up an appointment to speak with a Raleigh injury attorney.

Statute of Limitations

Remember that you have a limited span of time in which to file a personal injury claim such as an auto accident claim.  This time is limited by a Statute of Limitations that varies from state to state.  In Raleigh, North Carolina, with some exceptions, you may have as little as three years in which to file your auto accident claim.  You must act quickly, consult a worker’s compensation or personal injury attorney and protect your rights.

If you have been involved in an accident, and believe you may require legal services, it would benefit you to speak with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer.  Eric H. Kassor has served Raleigh as a personal injury lawyer for over 20 years and your case matters to him.  To see if you have a personal injury case, contact our legal team.  Our staff will be happy to set up an appointment for a free consultation.  We will listen to any concerns and answer any questions you have about your possible personal injury claim.  It could make a difference in putting your life and finances back in order after an accident.

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