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Work Injury

As the population for North Carolina continues to increase, we have more and more people on the job every day throughout Raleigh. Unfortunately, with more people working, it will likely result in a rise of workplace accidents and injuries. Some of these injuries can be so severe that they can result in hospitalization or even death.

You have a right to be in a safe workplace.

When working in a dangerous environment with hazards all around, it is the company’s or worksite supervisor’s responsibility to both inform workers of the dangers and to take steps to make it a safe place for everyone. Machinery accidents or malfunctions that causes an injury could be the fault of a manufacturer. Slip and fall accidents may occur due to unsafe conditions. If the job injury is severe, and it causes the death of a loved one, you, as a spouse or family member, may have a wrongful death claim. This means you may be entitled to fair compensation that you need to cover unpaid medical bills or other expenses.

Insurance companies may deny your claim or try to give you less than you deserve. Oftentimes, your employer may tell you that you do not have a claim because they do not fully understand the laws governing workers’ compensation. Even if you are not at your workplace at the time of the accident, but your supervisor has sent you on an assignment where an accident occurs, you may have a worker’s compensation claim. If you’ve suffered injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident while performing duties or traveling in a work-related capacity, you still may be entitled to worker’s compensation. This compensation is to provide you with medical care, cover future medical costs, and make up for lost time and wages. Eric H. Kassor is a Personal Injury Attorney in Raleigh, NC who will fight the insurance companies for a fair settlement.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, Eric handles cases in the following areas:

  • Slip and fall
  • Machinery accidents
  • Work place injury
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Denied workers compensation claims
  • Job-related injuries
  • Wrongful death lawsuits
  • Construction site injury

It is important to remember that injury claims, including injuries that happen while on the job, are governed by a Statute of Limitations, which limits the time you have to file your claim. You must act quickly, contact the Law Offices of Eric H. Kassor at any time for a FREE CONSULTATION to protect your rights.

If you’ve been injured on the job, suffered job-related injuries or a construction site injury, or even become permanently disabled due to a workplace accident in Raleigh, you need to secure a work injury attorney with experience.

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