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Should I Hire An Attorney Right Away After I’m Injured At Work Or Wait For A Denial Or Some Sort Of Friction With The Insurance Company?

It’s best to get an attorney right away in a workers’ compensation case because of your initial recorded statement. Most workers’ compensation insurance adjusters will want to take your statement right away. They will ask questions that may seem innocent but could end up fishing for statements from you that will hurt your claim. The wrong answers can directly result in the denial of your claim. Thus, having legal advice and an expert who understands workers’ compensation is invaluable.

Getting legal representation early on is always a good idea. Most people with a personal injury claim don’t know how to handle an insurance adjuster and they may compromise their claim. If you’re on your own, you could face denials simply because you do not know the procedure. That’s why getting legal advice from someone who has seen the process many times is the best route.

What Are The Risks Or Some Of The Mistakes You See People Make When They Try And Handle Their Case Without An Experienced Raleigh Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

The most significant risk in being unrepresented is that you are trying to file a workers’ compensation claim while not understanding workers’ compensation laws. Without being aware of everything to look for, you will end up having your claim denied or diminished. Denial means potentially not getting the compensation or the healthcare you may need. Essentially, representation ensures that the workers’ compensation insurance company overseeing the claim is playing by the rules and that you’re getting the care and support you need.

What Makes You And Your Firm Unique In The Way You Handle Workers’ Compensation Claims For Your Clients?

We’re a small firm, and we give individual treatment. We provide personal attention to our clients. You’re not going to be in a position where you can’t talk directly to your lawyer. We will be accessible to answer all the questions you have, and we will fight to get you fair compensation and treatment.

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