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Preparing For Insurance Company Defense Tactics

Preparing For Insurance Company Defense TacticsDefense Tactics Used by Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases

Insurance companies employ various defense tactics to deny or limit settlements in personal injury cases. Being aware of these strategies can help you prepare a stronger case and avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Recorded Statements

Insurance companies may use recorded statements to find inconsistencies or contradictions that can be used against the injured party. Be cautious when providing information and consult with an attorney before giving any statements.

  • Gaps In Medical Care

If there are extensive gaps in medical care or frequent canceled appointments, insurance companies may argue that the injured party was not significantly harmed. It is crucial to maintain consistent medical treatment and avoid missing appointments.

  • Limited Property Damage

In cases where there is minimal visible property damage, insurance companies may argue that the injuries sustained could not have been severe. While medical experts can testify that the lack of visible property damage does not necessarily correlate with the severity of injuries, it is essential to be aware of this tactic and prepare accordingly.

  • Attacking Credibility

Defense attorneys may attempt to undermine the injured party’s credibility by pointing out inconsistencies in their story, suggesting improper handling of the situation, or presenting evidence that contradicts the claimed limitations. To minimize the risk of credibility attacks, it is essential to provide accurate and consistent information.

  • Exploiting Sympathy For The At-Fault Party

In some cases, the defense may try to garner sympathy for the at-fault party, distracting the jury from the injured person’s needs. Remember that during a trial, the jury will only hear the facts of the case, not information about insurance coverage.

By understanding these defense tactics, you can better protect your interests and improve the chances of a successful personal injury claim.

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