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Transparency With Medical Staff

Transparency With Medical Staff Lawyer, Raleigh, NCSharing Information With Hospitals And Doctors

It is crucial to provide accurate and complete information regarding your injuries to both the hospital and your doctors. This information may be used by insurance companies, but ensuring your medical record accurately reflects your condition is vital. Remember to:

  • Inform medical staff about your accident and the severity of the wreck.
  • Describe the pain and symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Be a good historian of the accident and your own health history.

Disclosing Preexisting Conditions

If you have a preexisting condition, it is important to disclose it to your healthcare providers. In today’s interconnected medical world, hospitals, primary care doctors, and specialists often have access to your medical history. Failing to disclose a preexisting condition may harm your credibility. Keep in mind that:

  • Preexisting conditions do not necessarily disqualify you from receiving compensation.
  • You are entitled to damages if a preexisting condition is exacerbated by the accident or if a previously asymptomatic condition is activated.
  • Your medical care providers must be well informed about your condition before and after the accident.

Compensation For Exacerbation Or Activation Of Preexisting Conditions

You can still receive compensation or damages for exacerbation or activation of preexisting conditions, as long as your medical care providers can document the changes in your condition. Being transparent about your medical history and symptoms will contribute to a successful claim.

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