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Slip and fall accidents are personal injury claims that typically result from falling or tripping accidents. These claims require that a dangerous or hazardous condition exists and that it can in fact cause accidents and resultant injuries. Such conditions typically include an irregularity or impediment in the ground surface or walkway, a foreign object, a hole in the ground, or a substance on the ground. A “hazardous condition” is a situation where there is potential for an injury. Hazardous conditions can be permanent, such as a broken railing, steps, or…Read More

The loss of a loved one is a tragedy that will greatly impact the surviving family. If the death of your loved one is due to the negligence of others, then it can often be even harder to cope with the sudden shock and to get through your daily routine, let alone deal with the intricacies of a Wrongful Death Claim. We, at the Law Offices of Eric H. Kassor, are experienced in handling Wrongful Death cases and, as a small firm, Eric is always personally available to assist the…Read More

If you have been the victim of a personal injury accident or have suffered serious injuries due to the negligent or reckless actions of others, you are sure to have important questions about what to do. Do you have a case? How does the claims process work? How long will your case take? How much are the legal fees? How will your medical bills and lost wages be paid? At the Law Offices of Eric H. Kassor, PA in Raleigh, NC, our firm is here to answer any questions that…Read More

Motor vehicle accidents occur unexpectedly and can immediately turn your life upside down. If you are injured in an accident and not at fault, it is important to have an experienced accident attorney to advise you and protect the value of your claim. If you are involved in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, truck accidents, boat or bicycle accidents have an injury attorney handle your case. Don’t let the insurance company adjuster control your claim, tell you what medical care is appropriate, gather your medical records and dictate the value…Read More

Although most states have adopted a Comparative Negligence doctrine, which seeks to restore a balanced and fair system, North Carolina still allows a defendant to argue Contributory Negligence in a case. Let us start by asking what is Contributory Negligence? Being able to fully understand some legal concepts may be difficult if you’re not an injury lawyer. The doctrine of Contributory Negligence is very dangerous to claimants. If it might be raised in your claim, I urgently suggest you seek legal advice before discussing your claim with anyone. If you’ve…Read More

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