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Boating Accidents

Recreation. Fun. Injury to life and limb. Not all the things you envision when you head out for a day on the water. Boating accidents occur in North Carolina all the time. The Piedmont area of North Carolina has our own share of beautiful natural areas and parks. We have lakes such as Falls Lake, Kerr Lake, and Lake Gaston. We also have ponds and other small bodies of water throughout the parks system that can accommodate a small motor boat. Recreational boating takes place all over North Carolina. By and large, it is a safe activity as long as you take proper precautions. Unfortunately, some boaters are careless and destructive, and they cause accidents and injuries. The most common reason for boating accidents to occur is that boaters operate their boat while intoxicated. Intoxicated boaters and inattentive boaters can cause accidents by hitting those swimming or on rafts within the water. They may also cause collisions with other boats on the water.

A Raleigh personal injury attorney may be able to assist you with seeking compensation if you have been injured in a boating accident. The boating accident may have occurred while you were swimming or rafting, or just relaxing in the water. It may have been caused by someone being reckless or simply intoxicated and unable to make decisions guaranteeing the safety of others. Perhaps no one else was involved, and you were out on a boat belonging to you or a friend. While enjoying your day, through no fault of your own, the boat malfunctions, causing a boating accident. If you’ve sustained injuries as a result of a boating accident, regardless of the cause or nature of the accident, you should speak with a Raleigh personal injury attorney.

Jet skis can also be subject to faulty manufacturing. Faulty equipment which causes a jet ski accident or boating accident is a terrible thing after you’ve purchased something which you thought was safe for you and your family to enjoy recreationally. It is the irresponsibility of the manufacturer to make this right, and you may be able to seek compensation to cover the cost of the damaged property, and to pay for medical bills which you incurred as a result of the jet ski accident.

Water skiing accidents can happen when other boaters are not cognizant of the danger of passing too closely to someone water skiing. The wake of their boat can cause horrible injuries. Also passing between the towline can cause injury to the person who is water skiing, or to other boaters on the water. If someone is going over a safe speed while towing one or more people who are water skiing or rafting, this too can lead to boating accidents necessitating medical care.

If you rented boats, jet skis, or water skis from a rental company, you have an expectation that the equipment meets high standards of safety and reliability. If you believe the equipment was not in a serviceable condition and caused an accident, the rental company may be liable for your injuries and you can contact a boating accident attorney who can aid you in seeking compensation.

Keep in mind, that whatever the nature of injuries you have sustained may be, the state of North Carolina has a two year statute of limitations. This means that you only have a short window of time in which to seek compensation. You should contact an attorney right away to discuss your case. The initial consultation is completely free and a boating accident lawyer will evaluate your case and assist you in answering any questions you may have.

Eric Kassor is a Raleigh area boating accident lawyer who is ready to assist you in filing a personal injury claim. He has been practicing law in the greater Raleigh area for nearly 20 years. His legal expertise and experience with North Carolina state law as well as his compassion make him an excellent attorney.

It is important to note that North Carolina does have a statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim. This means you have limited time in which to pursue a claim. If you wait too long, you will also make building your case more difficult. An initial consultation to discuss your case can be arranged free of charge. Contact Eric Kassor, to discuss your ATV accident case and he can begin working right away to protect your rights.

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